Not me, you…

Aren’t you being paranoid?

No, I’m just hypersensitive because everyone is treating me that way.


Praise and Blame are the Same

Wow, you have a great eye for this, you do amazing work!

Thanks, she replied nonchalantly.

Don’t you know who that is?  He doesn’t give praise easily and you don’t seem to care about what he said to you!

Praise and blame are the same, and if I allow someone’s words build to me up, then he also has the power to tear me down. Someone once told me that I had no talent and was wasting my time in this industry. I cried for days and even thought of giving up until I realized I was good and I couldn’t allow others to hinder me.

You can’t listen to everyone, not all people have an eye for this business. Besides, who would say such a thing?

The person who just said my work was amazing.

Feeling It


“So, what’s your favorite color?” he asked.

“Um, I don’t really have a favorite,”  she replied thoughtfully, “I like lots of different colors for different reasons.”

He persisted, “What if you had to nail it down to just one.”

“I guess it would be ultraviolet, then,” she noted.

“That’s not a real color; you can’t even see ultraviolet”, he said pointedly.

“No”, she replied with a smile as she closed her eyes and looked up, “but you can sure feel it.”

Seriously ?!?!

The youth sat in his pastor’s office and fidgeted with the hemp bracelet on his wrist.

“What seems to be the problem, son?” asked the pastor.

“Well, I just don’t get it, I mean, I can see how some things happen to people because of things they’ve done, brought on by their own mistakes, but why or what, I mean if God is so good, then how ….” his voice trailed off.

The bald, overweight seasoned pastor chuckled to himself,  ‘how many times have I heard this‘ and replied, “yes, son, I realize that we all have our ‘whys’ to ask of God, but you just need to have faith and believe that He knows what he is doing. He is God and you shouldn’t question his wisdom.”

“To be honest, Pastor, I don’t think I would ask why”, retorted the young man.

“Well, what would you want to say,?” questioned the pastor.

The youth sat for a minute and blurted out with raw emotion, “what the hell, God, I mean seriously, did it have to be this way” ?

Then tears welled up in the young man’s eyes as the pastor went agasp.

Push Me

“Could you please give me a push?”

“You are already behind the lines”, he replied.

“But I don’t feel safe here and no one else will help me,”  her voice full of anxiety.

“You are about as far over as you can go; it may not feel safe to you, but you will be fine.” he said reassuringly.

She waited for someone else to happen by to ask them for a push.