You’re the Best

He looked sad and lost sitting alone in the back seat of the big black limousine. Experiencing the violent death of a father is difficult for anyone to navigate much less a ten year old boy, he was understandably affected.

Yes, his father was a drug dealer and an ex-con, but still, he was his father and someone he loved very much.

She leaned into the back seat and introduced herself, “do you remember me, I was a friend of your mother’s years ago when I lived in this town”. He nodded absently.

“I want to tell you something that I think will help you.”  “I knew your father, she continued, “I knew about a lot of the things that he did. He did good things and he did bad things (the boy hung his head) but the one thing I never want you to forget is that YOU are the best thing that your father ever did.”

The look of joy and illumination more than assured her that he got the message.


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