Ever Increasing Kingdom

“So, you ran into an old friend, what was that like ?” asked her therapist.

She replied with an heavy sigh, “it was a bit awkward, I was not very nice to her that last time we spoke and I felt like I needed to be more graceful with her, in an apologetic way.”

“Did that go over well?”, the therapist gently prodded.

She paused a bit, “I don’t think she trusted me, I mean, the person I had become. She wasn’t sure of the change and if it was real. But I suppose that is normal, I needed to grow into grace for myself before I could learn to give it to others.”

“Do you blame her, you confessed that you were not nice to her before,” asserted the therapist.

She answered quickly, “oh no, no blame. I don’ t think she was uncomfortable with me, but with grace. Not knowing what to do with grace can keep a person stuck. Once you experience true grace, you run to it and not from it. “


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